Where does the name "Sadi" come from ?

It all began with Socrate Malot, the founder of Sadi Champagne. As a tribute to his brother Sadi, who was named thus because he was born on the day of the assassination of Sadi Carnot (the French President from 1887 to 1894) and died during WWI, he gave his company and his son this name of great historical importance. Today, his great grandson carries on the name and continues to work with his father.

  • 1883 Socrate Malot 1st generation
  • 1920 Sadi Malot 2nd generation
  • 1946 Michel Malot 3th generation
  • 1966 Franck Malot 4th generation
  • 1993 Cindy Malot 5th generation

L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé, à consommer avec modération-

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Abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health, drink in moderation-

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