Digestive 40°

Fine Champenoise

Or - Concours Général Agricole Paris 1997 (Fine de 1978)

Our Très Vieille Fine is an appellation eau de vie made from wines from the Champagne region, distilled using a traditional method.

A minimum of 15 years in Cognac casks gives it an amber colour and oak qualities, while allowing it to develop its delicate bouquet and aromas.

It is an excellent digestif, but can also be used to make an Irish coffee with a Malot twist (Irish Malot) or mixed with tonic water in cocktails.

A digestif for all tastes and occasions

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  • Rosé d’Exception
  • Brut Authentique
  • Coup de foudre
  • Cuvée Socrate
  • Zéro Liqueur
  • Pur Rosé

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